The First Lie

“Will it hurt?”

It’s a small dose, Baba. You’ll fall asleep. You’ll wake up tomorrow like nothing has ever happened to you.

“They’ve tied my arms and legs to the bed…”

I’ll untie them after the injection. You get very restless when you have those medicines, Baba.

“Will you make me some tea?”

I’ve got it in the thermos.

I felt the tea touch my tongue. I felt the needle prick my battered arm. That’s when I saw them, there were tears in her eyes. That’s when the realisation dawned.

I don’t know what felt worse. The fact that I was being killed on my own daughter’s orders, or that in her entire life, today was the first day she had ever lied to me, looking straight into my eyes while she did…



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3 responses to “The First Lie

  1. lavanya

    sumedh dis is beautiful n u know wt i saw u in my drim last 2 last nite, felt lik msgin u askin hw u r bt thot of bein stupid on my part bt aftr readin dis i js wana thnk u 4 bein thr dt de vn i nided sm1 badly, kip smilin kid, tc 🙂

  2. Haunting, yet so beautiful. I love your work.

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